We direct our energy, effort, and care towards the source of our strength – TO THE VINEYARDS.

Supporting wine growers

Protecting the environment

Developing the community relationships

We are aware of our role in protecting the landscape
and the values Czech winemaking symbolizes.

The responsibility for the development is a crucial part of our Czech shared heritage. Therefore, we direct our energy, effort, care and the latest knowledge right where our strength comes from – TO THE VINEYARDS.

For us, vineyards are not just endless rows stretching into the distance. We perceive them as a part of a wider whole, a cultural landscape where the activities of nature and man meet. Consequently, we focus on three key areassupport for winegrowers, environmental protection and relations with municipalities and communities.

Bohemia Sekt Starý Plzenec
Ondřej Beránek 



Progressive technology ultraviolet lightning UV Boosting

The first test of the pioneering technology based on ultraviolet radiation UV-C, developed by a team of students and professors at the University in the city of Avignon in the south of France, took place in May in vineyards near Mikulov.


Testing of probiotics in the fight against drought

Probiotics (lactobacilli) are beneficial bacteria that significantly contribute to boosting immunity and play a role in protecting plant against unwanted microorganisms. This applies not only to humans but also to plants and soil. Experts from Mendel University are currently testing their effects on the vineyards of the BOHEMIA SEKT.


The planting of PIWI vineyards has started in Moravia

The planting of vineyards has started in Moravia. As one of the most significant grape growers, we have chosen to focus on resilient PIWI varieties this year. On this occasion, collective plant immunity test has been initiated.

Vineyard Transformations
and Support for Wine Growers

In recent years, Moravian winemakers have had to deal with new challenges – the changing climate fundamentally affects the entire wine-growing year. Time-tested procedures and methods are losing their effectiveness, moreover, both the character of the harvest and landscape change.

Conversely, technological progress brings new possibilities to face these challenges. In cooperation with academics and partners from the private sector, we are looking for new solutions and sharing know-how with those who need it most.

To ensure the vines and grapes are healthy and protected from diseases and pests, we use biological methods of vineyard protection.

To strengthen the immunity of the vine we use natural probiotics and ultraviolet radiation developed in France, UV-C Boosting. To protect it against harmful insects, we have a population of the Predatory mite Typhlodromus pyri.

Most of the waste from the winery – husks and seeds (i.e., marcs and rapes) – is composted and returned to the vineyards as nutrients.

Hibernal, Solaris, Johanniter. These are examples of grapevine names that can be grown on plants marked with the abbreviation PIWI. These are bred hybrids resistant to mould and frost. These plants need less chemical treatment, thus reducing the frequency of machine travel in the vineyard. Among other things, this benefits the soil, for example, in better water retention.

We are continuously increasing the area of PIWI vineyards. We started in 2009 in the Bzenec region, and in 2023 Sedlec near Mikulov was added. 

Drought monitoring is an important part of the fight against climate change. Therefore, in 2023, we installed special sensors in our vineyards to measure precipitation, evaporation, and moisture in the soil and on plants in detail.

We are now collecting and analyzing data that will help us optimize irrigation, manage water more efficiently and reduce the negative effects of drought in the future.

Returning Water
and Life to the Vineyards

Water is essential for the wine sector. Its lack is negatively reflected in the quality of grapes and wine.

The total rainfall is similar every year, but the moisture comes in a different form than before – as a flash flood or torrential rain. In this form, it does not manage to soak in and drains away.

Our goal is to retain as much water as possible in the vineyards. We plant a deep-rooting mixture in the rows, which retains water itself and becomes a natural water reservoir and a natural shelter for various fauna.

Proud Partner
of Moravian Municipalities

In 2023, we supported projects in the following municipalities:


The village of Domanín is located in the fertile area of Slovácko near the village of Bzenec. This is where a part of our vineyards and one of the wineries - Chateau Bzenec, are located.


Pavlov lies at the foot of the Pavlov Hills on the right bank of the Nové Mlýny reservoir. Winemaking, the village’s main source of wealth, has always been viticulture and it is still today. Our winery, Pavlov, is also located in one of the local cellars.


Sedlec can be found in the Břeclav region. It is a wine village in the Mikulov wine region, where the renowned vineyards such as Nad Nesytem or Kotel are located. The vineyards of our winery Habánské sklepy are located there.

In 2024, we select projects in the following municipalities:


Velké Bílovice