Progressive technology ultraviolet lightning UV Boosting

The first test of the pioneering technology based on ultraviolet radiation UV-C, developed by a team of students and professors at the University in the city of Avignon in the south of France, took place in May in vineyards near Mikulov.

 22.04.2023  3 min

Testing of probiotics in the fight against drought

Probiotics (lactobacilli) are beneficial bacteria that significantly contribute to boosting immunity and play a role in protecting plant against unwanted microorganisms. This applies not only to humans but also to plants and soil. Experts from Mendel University are currently testing their effects on the vineyards of the BOHEMIA SEKT.


The planting of PIWI vineyards has started in Moravia

The planting of vineyards has started in Moravia. As one of the most significant grape growers, we have chosen to focus on resilient PIWI varieties this year. On this occasion, collective plant immunity test has been initiated.